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Corfu Guide

by Mega Lithari

Corfu Guide by Mega Lithari is a travel/tourist guide application for the island of Corfu. The application is a useful tool for all those that wish to visit Corfu, but also for all those that are interested to know more about this beautiful island of the Ionian sea. Purpose of the application is to provide information about the area and local businesses of the island, and also the provision of basic information to the local populace and visitors fast and easy.


  • Beaches

    The best sandy or pebbled beaches in Corfu.

  • Sights

    Explore the most famous sights in Corfu island.

  • Settlements

    Unique picturesque settlements and villages in Corfu.

  • Churches - Monasteries

    The Island of Corfu is home to many monasteries and churches.

  • Of Natural Interest

    Corfu has many amazing natural parks for every visitor.

  • Trails

    Corfu has many trails for hiking and bicycle tours.

  • Businesses

    Building companies, property companies and villas for rent in Corfu.

  • Production Units

    Corfu has several production units that produce various local products.

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